Ready4Web addresses the traditional challenges of website translation by using a translation proxy.

So, what´s a translation proxy?

It´s a hassle-free way of serving translated content to your international audience!

A translation proxy is a layer that sits in front of your website and applies translations so that different audiences can see your content in their local languages. You point various DNS entries to the proxy so that requests go through the proxy service to your native language website.

Where are the foreign language versions hosted, then?

Nowhere! Only the original website exists, and visitors see the original site with a translation applied to it by the translation proxy. Ready4Web hosts Translation Memories of foreign language versions of your site, so that your site appears translated to the audience. Translation Memories are created when we translate your site.

...And if we make updates?

When you make updates, Ready4Web is instantly notified so that we can make the necessary modifications

Clever stuff!

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